Ados Muntaiak

Our more than two decades’ experience in the assembly of electrical panels, as well as the customised cable cutting and manufacture as well as the preparation of electrical kits, is our best guarantee of quality for your project. We have been working on the assembly of electrical panels for more than 20 years, managing to meet the needs of major customers in a range of sectors. We work with the elevation, rail and automotion sector as well as renewable energy, such as wind power and solar energy.

Our team of qualified professionals work on your project, with extensive experience in managing important professional challenges. Our work philosophy involves ensuring our customers’ maximum satisfaction at all times. We always adapt to the needs of our customers, guaranteeing both delivery within the times required and the quality of each production operation that we carry out.


We at Ados Muntaiak are committed to the innovation in our means of production. This is why we constant strive to use only the best resources and means at the forefront of technology in each project.

We have three industrial premises spread across a total surface area of 3,000 m², our own transport trucks and a fully computerised work system that ensures thorough control over our production, as well as its traceability.

We have automatic, programmable machines for cutting, marking, stripping and crimping of different terminals with the option of working with up to 36 different types of cabling and different stations. During your project, we can use ink-jet markers for black and white marking, electro-pneumatic machines for stripping and crimping plugs from different sections and table crimping presses.

The customised manufacture and cutting, preparation of electrical kits and manufacture and assembly of customised electrical panels.


Quality is without doubt one of the basic pillars of our work philosophy. This is the reason for our constantly changing production means. We have ISO 9001 certification and our own technical office that allows us to take on any project with all quality guarantees.

We have equipment for checking and verifying actual development, complying with the needs of the projects that we take on. Our computerised production system allows us to have absolute control over traceability.

We have equipment for checking and verifying development itself.