Customised cabling

Ados Muntaiak has over two decades’ experience specialising in cabling manufacture. Our experience, our team of qualified professionals and our cutting-edge means of production allow us to provide a quality customised cabling service. We take on any customised industrial cabling project meeting the needs of each project while ensuring that delivery deadlines are met at all times. We work with all types of special cables, please contact our technical office and let us what you need for your project.

Cabling marking and Faston, AMP and Harting connector marking, precabling and cabling cutting. Cable shielding and flame retardant coating


Our customised cabling cutting service comes with a full guarantee of quality that allow us to work with cutting-edge resources and a team of experienced professionals. Apart from our cable cutting, we also automate other processes such as marking, stripping, peeling and crimping for low voltage cabling.

Our automatic machinery allows us to programme the cutting, thereby improving the efficiency of our cable cutting for our customers. Please contact our technical office and let us know what type of industrial cable cutting service you require for your project.


We manufacture pluggable electrical preinstallations and cabling, thereby facilitating the final assembly for our customers. We deal with a wide range of variants and options during the precabling of electrical connectors. We can handle any type of terminal, from the simplest ones, such as Faston terminals or plugs terminals, to the different versions of garrison terminals, Harting terminals, as well as IDC connectors.

Our service is backed by more than two decades’ experience working with electrical connectors, interconnection hoses and leads.

We manufacture pluggable electrical preinstallations and cabling.
Customised solutions for the marking and labelling of cabling and connectors

Marking of connectors and cabling

Ados Muntaiak can provide you with customised solutions for any cable labelling and marking your project may require. Our machines have automatic programming to optimise cabling marking or connector labelling. We carry out fully customised labelling of connectors and hoses. Request a quote.